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Nick Van Den Broeck

Hello, everyone!

My name is Nick, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my world of financial consulting. As a passionate and dedicated professional, I specialize in the fascinating realm of forex trading.

The Forex Dictionary

I have been fortunate to receive comprehensive training at The Forex Dictionary, where I am currently studying to further enhance my knowledge and expertise. Through this program, I am gaining a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of the forex market, enabling me to make informed decisions and deliver valuable insights to my clients.



Additionally, I am proud to be a funded FTMO trader. This achievement has honed my trading skills and instilled in me a disciplined approach towards the financial markets. It has also provided me with hands-on experience, allowing me to navigate the complexities of forex trading with confidence.

Funding Pips

As a funded trader with FundingPips, I've gained invaluable experience, refining my skills and adopting a disciplined approach to trading. The platform's emphasis on strategic decision-making and risk management has prepared me to confidently navigate the complexities of forex markets, making FundingPips my gateway to trading success.

While I won't be engaging in direct interaction or assisting others, I invite you to explore my website and gain insights into my personal journey as a forex trader. Feel free to browse through the resources I provide, which may be valuable to your own independent endeavors.

Thank you for visiting, and I wish you success in your own financial pursuits.

Best regards,


What Now?

Personal Goals First

My primary goal is to achieve financial prosperity for myself. Through continuous learning and staying updated on market trends, I am dedicated to maximizing my own earning potential.

Some of my favourite trading instruments.


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